Simon Mitchell

Simon Mitchell is an illustrator and street artist currently living in Cambridgeshire. He has produced artwork for Green Day, McFly, The Midnight Beast, BBC, E4, YouTube, Mountain Dew and many more.

How would you best describe your style of art?

 My artwork is comical and colourful street art influence and a lot of character. It’s hard to explain I guess but I want it to be fun and a tiny bit tongue in cheek. I also love to paint on all surfaces and the bigger, the better!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

 My inspiration does come from anything and everything but mostly comics and street art/graffiti. I guess daily life changes my views and also juice me up for making the next bit of work.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of

I have a few. For me at 12 I wanted to work with Green Day (at the time I was a drummer and I guess that was the way I thought it would go) however, I never knew how it would happen that way. So, as I got older, I got into art and finally got the opportunity - that blew my mind and I was very proud that the guys I adored so much as a kid got to know (kind of) who I was.

The other thing was winning the UK illustration championships in 2017/18 which was crazy, and I still to this day don't understand how I did it, especially with the amazing talent that I went against in the competition but I guess anyone enjoying my work and appreciating what I do that makes me so so so so so so proud.


How do you seek out opportunities?

It's a grind, some occasionally land on my lap which is amazing, but most of the time it is looking for opportunities. Though sometimes it seems the more images I put online the more interest I seem to get which is something I should do more often but life gets in my way and I have to focus on the jobs I have.

What challenges have you faced?

Life being the main thing, I've had many ups and many many downs. I've learnt to learn from my mistakes/upsets/wrong turns and sometimes I've trusted the wrong people, but it's made me cautious and I believe you have to go through that to help you in the future.


How has your art changed from when you first started to now?

So much! I've had to understand and grow as I have journeyed. Getting my own style was my most important thing, it took me ages to understand that but one day it kicked in

What advice would you give to other aspirational artists?

Get your own style and use the artists you wish you could be as inspiration.