Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson AKA Goblyn Crew is a freelance artist, illustrator and full-time chef who is currently living in Manchester. The creativity behind his Goblyn characters stems from his childhood, where he would always create weird characters with his friends.  

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I draw inspiration from so many different places. Skateboarding, video games, music, lyrics, film, nature, architecture, other artists etc. I would say that creativity inspires creativity. If I see someone doing something original and exciting, it inspires me to also create new and fun things.

Who are your favourite artists?

I’d like to give a shout out to some of my favourite artists and some of my inspirations. 

Mark Gonzales 

Mark “Fos” Foster 

Richard “French” Sayer 

James Jarvis 


Ed Templeton 

Craig Gleason 

Has art always been something you wanted to do since you were young? 

Yeah, I always remember in primary school me and 2 friends had a spare work book that we used as sketchbooks, we created so many weird characters. I would always draw characters from games and send them to the magazines too. I used to wish that was my job. 

What’s the story behind your goblyn characters? 

There’s a loose story I made up, but I try to keep it pretty broad otherwise I think I’d lose the creativity of it. The idea was that Goblyns came from the sewers, grown from mutated avocados that were dumped in the sewer, their ultimate plan is to discreetly take over the world by killing humans and wearing their skin. 

What difficulties have you faced during this journey?

Self doubt and crippling anxiety. These things make it very hard to have the energy and courage to create work, meet people, and put work on show to people who will judge you. The best way to deal with it I found is to just do it. What’s the worst that can happen. 

Most memorable response about your work? 

Being told “You’re one of my favourite artists” it really blows my mind when there’s so many amazing artists out there and people choose to like my work as much as I like some of my idol’s work. 

Advice to other aspirational artists. 

Grind away at your craft, perfect your style (although I like to change it up sometimes), keep pushing and keep creating. If you’re passionate enough you’ll do great things.