Bruce Parker

Bruce ‘Brucey’ Parker grew up in North East England watching way too many films and cartoons whilst drawing all of the his favourites characters from those films and cartoons. Later Brucey studied Animation & Illustration at college, before embarking on an Illustrative art career.

how would you describe your style?

 Often character driven with characters ranging from human, animal, something in between or further beyond. My work is a chaotic, euphoric, light-hearted, nostalgic trip littered with occasional familiar characters, brands and products past and present.

how do you make your work recognisable?

My style is usually recognised by its clean black lines, limited use of colour, involving predominantly shades of grey with the occasional flashes of something bright.

How do you find inspiration?

The usual stuff like books, movies and tv shows are all good, but I tend to find the best thing for me is simply sitting and sketching.

Often the more I try to seek out inspiration, the more I fear I’m just going to create something like something else, so it is usually best to just begin by playing around and experimenting with different shapes, different eyes, mouths etc. It’s just a trial and error session of trying to unlock some mythical door in my mind where the good ideas live. It usually involves scribbling lots of bad/never to be developed ideas but somehow in the mess of my sketchbook the potential for something cool just seems to form on its own and then develop and spawn more interesting characters and concepts.

What role does an artist play in this kind of society do you think?

There are many roles for modern artists, but I think my work falls into the category of fun, escapism and simply showing people something different. This is a role of many of my favourite artists too, some artists can shine a light on society’s problems, while others simply shine a light to make the world a little brighter.

How did you manage to get your name out there?

I’ve been lucky to be in quite a number of group exhibitions, which often leads to work being exposed to a wider audiences. Social media is obviously a huge part of self promotion, and Instagram in particular has always been the best place to share my creations. I’ve let it slide a little recently but this year I will be focusing on sharing more again.

Who are the artists that you are loving at the moment?

I am absolutely loving all of Attaboy’s mushroom creations, I’m just constantly fascinated by them.

I always love literally everything Alex Pardee draws, paints, writes. He’s a magic human.

There’s so many cool artists I follow online that repeatedly drop my jaw, Matt Ritchie, Audrey Pongracz, Lance Inkwell, Baghead, Alex Yanes and many many more.

What advice would you give to other aspiring artists

Draw, a lot.

Experiment, a lot.

Share lots.

Be nice.

Set short term achievable goals (I should have started that sooner).

And have a longer term target as well, something big to aim for.