Ash Price

Ash Price is an inspired tattoo flash artist based in Essex. Influenced by graphic design and pop culture, Ash merged the two with his interests in tattoos and his style began to progress. His upbringing as a teen consisted of getting tattooed and painting tattoo flash; since then, Ash has constantly been continuing to learn and develop his own skills and style. 

What inspires you as an artist

Mostly getting better and continuing to learn, I love learning. There are also some great artists that I follow which I feel resonate with me more than most, right now a couple of my favourite artists Han Shinko and Nacho Eterno are naturally very big influences and inspirations to me.

What differentiates your style?

That’s hard to say, there are a lot of tattoo flash influenced designers, I think what I pride myself on is the attention to detail, line weight, colour palettes and achieving an overall consistent outcome. 

Any other interests?

I make music. I’d also like to learn to code/ develop apps and software, but my brain struggles with that! I believe with enough passion and hard work, any talent can be learnt, just some minds have a better way of processing certain skills.

What role does an artist play in this kind of society do you think?

Any job is always a means to survive and live a good life, I think for me personally, the idea of earning a wage and providing a means for other people, brands etc to earn a wage too, is the role that I play. I like to think that my designs with the bold lines and bright colours bring some kind of comfort and happiness to anyone seeing them.

How did you manage to get your name out there 

Essentially purely through Instagram, I started posting to my page around 2 years ago, and really started consistently working and posting just over a year ago, so gradually I’ve been interacting, doing work and slowly growing the following and business since then.

What advice would you give to other aspiring artists

Keep working, be consistent and keep creating. Sometimes the work you’re least happy with give the best lessons and help you grow as an artist. Most importantly stay true to yourself and have fun.