About Pistonhead

We believe in change. We believe in something even better. We challenge and question the stagnating creative culture of society. We offer an alternative that develops and changes an accepted point of view, no matter if it concerns taste, style or opinion.

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About the Pistonhead Foundation

According to UK Music “35% of music venues across the UK have closed in the last decade.”

These pillars of UK music culture are an integral part of not only the lives of the punters that visit them but important steps on the ladder for the growth of bands in the UK. Therefore, this year the Pistonhead Foundation will be hosting fundraising events at a select number of independent venues Across the UK. To discover the latest event click here.

Last year the first UK Music Census reported that “80% of musicians said stagnating pay made it difficult to earn a viable income and continue to play."

The loss of musicians and artists will make all our lives poorer and so the Pistonhead Foundation will offer a helping hand to relieve everyday costs associated with being an artist or musician. We will be offering studio and rehersal space which we will be donating to our chosen bands. We have also contributed to So Young Magazine Illustrator competition to create funds for struggling artists.

The Pistonhead Foundation will be there for those in need. For those whose car has been broken into and instruments stolen or if a hard drive fails. For those that can’t afford the deposit on a tour bus or if an artist needs a few cases of beer for their exhibition. We can’t help everyone but we can do our part.

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